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World largest DDos attack of 400Gbps hit to Cloudfare Europe Server

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This is another big piece of news to the cyber world that, the DDos attack the most common and popular attack used by hackers to shut down the service of a host connected to the Internet has reached a higher attacking speed by breaking the earlier biggest DDos attack of 300 Gbps that was recorded in the Spamhaus DDoS attack, which almost the broke the internet.

To boost the attacking speed of Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDos) sizes hackers use new tricks called "Amplification Attacks" which were named in 2013 over last year's biggest DDoS attack of 300Gbps.

Yesterday, hacker have succeeded in achieving the highest peak of DDos attacking speed of more than 400Gbps by applying the same method targeting the content-delivery and anti-DDoS protection firm Cloudflare data-server of Europe. Amplification attacks provide the benefit of obscuring the source of the attack while enabling the bandwidth to be used to multiply the size of the attack.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Price says that,
“Very big NTP reflection attack hitting us right now. Appears to be bigger than the #Spamhaus attack from last year. Mitigating,”
“Someone’s got a big, new cannon. Start of ugly things to come,”
  The attacker found a vulnerability in one of the protocols of cloud Network Time Protocol (NTP) which synchronize computer clocks. Hackers have leveraged the NTP servers by sending small spoofed 8-byte UDP packets to the vulnerable server that requests a large amount of data to be sent to the DDoS's target IP Address.

The company says that all the versions of the ntpd before 4.2.7 are vulnerable and are recommended to upgrade it to the latest version. It also mentions that, Until all the misconfigured NTP servers are cleaned up, attacks of this nature will continue.
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