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Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority hacked by Indian Cyber Rakshak

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Just an hour ago we have reported that, Pakistani hacker have hacked the National Portal of India, which really raise the question on the security issue of the country. This is one of the worst day for the India, which shows the security level of the country.
On the other hand, another hackers group from India "Indian Cyber Rakshak" have also breached the security of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority website.

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority is a Public sector autonomous body working under the Federal Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Defence. It was established on 7th December, 1982 as an autonomous body. Prior to its creation, a Civil Aviation Department in the Ministry of Defence used to manage the civil aviation related activities.
Hacker told Cyber Kendra that, the site was vulnerable to SQL injection attack. He had successfully  managed to gained the administrative credentials. Hacker have posted the screenshot of the admin panel of the site. (See above image)

Hackers also told us that, he can able to change the timings of the various flights. If this happen then there may be huge lose to the Pakistan government, as misunderstanding of timing of flights can be created. This was the just a security test and warning to the site admin, Hackers added.

As this is not new things that, cyber war between India and Pakistan. Earlier also, hackers from the both the site have done lots of hack to each other domain.

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