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Happy Birthday To Facebook On it Awesome Success Over 10 Years

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This is good news for all the lover of Facebook, that world social network giants have successfully completed its 10 glorious year. In this 10 Years Facebook have achieved have many thing and it also have changed the way of Internet. In other words it have made a new Ira over the Internet.

Facebook, have connected everyone all over the world. On this days only Facebook have been launched. "Mark Zuckerberg" CEO of Facebook have made just a Phenomenon Decade.  Till date Facebook have 1.5 Billion of users all around the world.

Let us wish Facebook A very Happy Birthday ,the world social giants have successfully completed 10 glorious year Now.with in this 10 year Facebook have achieved huge popularity among people also have changed the way of internet.Over all it has made a new Ira over internet .

Facebook’s massive audience and its ability to be all things to all people — or perhaps more accurately, a place we use to get what we want out of it — might be the thing that helps it stick around for another decade.
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