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Google Launches Project Tango Smartphone

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Google today announced it Project Tango, an android based Prototype 5 phone with a developer kit featured with advanced 3D sensors via Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team. Firm is planning to send about 200 developer kits to software developer in 14th March, for creating a new experience with hardware.

Project topics include “indoor navigation/mapping, single/multiplayer games that use physical space, and new algorithms for processing sensor data.” Those developer who believes that they can get something new to this world and can manipulate this with their idea can apply for the request of prototype kit. This device is using the the Myriad 1 vision processor chip from Movidius.

The company believes the combination of these sensors with advanced computer vision techniques will open up new avenues for indoor navigation and immersive gaming, among many other things. Company mentions that the API's for this phone remain its work in progress. Developer can develop there apps in Java, C and C++ with the help of Utility Game Engines.

Johnny Lee, ATAP’s technical program lead, says that,
“Project Tango strives to give mobile devices a human-like understanding of space and motion through advanced sensor fusion and computer vision, enabling new and enhanced types of user experiences – including 3D scanning, indoor navigation and immersive gaming,”
In its announcement, Google asks:
“What if you could capture the dimensions of your home simply by walking around with your phone before you went furniture shopping? What if directions to a new location didn’t stop at the street address? What if you never again found yourself lost in a new building?”
For this Google have also  published a demonstration Video, do check it out...

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