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Facebook Pages Will Show the Names of Admins Beside Posts, Comments

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Once again Facebook is going to add a new feature over Fan Page. Today Facebook left a message on the top of the Facebook Fan Page stating that their the names will soon start to show up next to their posts and comments. This feature is only visible to other Administrator of the same page.

This Features is rolling out on February 20. This is once again helpful for the Page admins that it can recognize who have posted the updates and who have replied to there fan queries.

On the Facebook Help Center Page also this update has been made, where facebook stats that,
On a Page post, the name of the person who posted will be listed below the name of your Page next to Posted by. On a Page comment, the name of the person who commented will be listed below the comment next to Commented on by. Keep in mind that only people who help manage your Page can see this information.
 This will also helps admins to get information about who posted or scheduled posts in your Page's activity log. Facebook also mention that this feature is not available  to everyone right now, but soon it will get available.
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  1. Unknown
    AwEs0me. Nice step for page admins. I realy apreciate it :)