Avast Doubles Bug Bounty Rewards

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Once again this great news for all the bug hunter and the security researcher that, Avast which have started its Bug Bounty program a years ago a have announced to double the reward of the bounty. After the announcement of the Bounty Program firm have been benefited a lot and now, Avast decided to give some changes on its bounty program.

To encourage the security researcher even more, Avast have double the reward. On the blog post, Avast have made a announcement. Earlier bounty reward was $200 per unique bug report but now it has been doubled to $400 for each unique submission.

Company announced that the maximum reward could go up to $10,000 per one submission. Additionally , Avast mentioned that they are removing the Deepscreen and Sandbox escape from
the bounty program because company says,
“we are focusing on a new technology that should eradicate Sandbox escapes entirely.”

Company says that, till date, they have received once hundred submission and 25 of them have been rewarded with the total bounty amount of about $10,000. In that the highest amount given for the critical bug report was $3,000.
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