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Faster checkout process coming to PayPal - with In-context checkout

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After 16 years from debut, Paypal is now backed with the major updates on its service. The Company is improving its core features: the checkout process. Paypal have today announced their new check out updates on online checkout system.It will have a seamless integration with merchant websites that lets consumers buy products quicker and with the same process across all devices. It is expected to be released early of this year.

From last some of the months, Paypal is making improvement to its apps, and also working on the task that will help to its consumer and as well as to merchant also. So now company have announced "in-context checkout" features, that will allow there merchants to gain more consumers. Now consumers will not have to wait to the Paypal site for completing the transaction  rather all the steps will be took place in merchant site only.

Merchant and consumer will able to change funding source within the work flow, which is not allowed previously.

To help to the users, Paypal have made this integrate redesign across Mobile, Tablet, or PC's. Additionally, Consumers will soon able to log into Merchants sites and apps using their Paypal credentials. Carey Kolaja, Vice President of Global Product Solutions, tells media that this is aimed at helping consumers feel comfortable with accessing a retailer’s site without providing financial information directly to the store, and till date about 137 millions users have already shared their details with Paypal.

Other features being planned for in-context checkout include authorization capture, reference transactions, recurring payments, adaptive payments, and digital goods.

PayPal — In-Context Checkout [Video]

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