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Election Commission drops plan to partner Google

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Election Commission drops plan to partner Google, Voter registration tool: Why Election Commission dumped Google, Election Commission and Google, news on Election Commission, CEI and Google broked up,EC aborts controversial tie-up with Google
A week ago, there was a news that The Commission Election of India (CEI) will be collaboration with the Google for the upcoming Election over the country. But unfortunately now this decision has been drop out and Commission Election of India (CEI) have decided not to select Google as a partner to develop an online voter registration tool. This tool would be also provide information about voting locations and card numbers.

"Google made a presentation to the Commission for electoral look up services for citizens... But however CEI have not approved the proposal", Dhirendra Ojha, the director of the commission, in a statement on Thursday.

Reuters reported on the post that, CEI have cancelled the decision because of the NSA Surveillance Program. They have pointed that, Google have not offered any major improvement. Also, the company's services were declined given strained relations between India and the US over a new diplomatic spat and previous concerns of surveillance and spying in the wake of the Snowden disclosures.

On the statement Google says that, 
"It is unfortunate that our discussion with the Election Commission of India to change the way users access their electoral information, that is publicly available, through an online voter look up tool, were not fruitful,"

Google is not only the US firm that have to face lose by the by Snowden Leaked document (NSA  Surveillance Program ). Other tech firm like Cisco and other Cloud based services has also been effected. After this also, Foreign companies is also trying to serve offer their services as NSA-free alternatives.
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