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Turkish Hacker hacked Vodafone and leaked 70k users data

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Official site of telecom giant Vodafone Iceland have been hacked and deface by the Turkish hacker with the online handle "Agent corporatio" of Turkish Agent Hacker Group. Along with the defacing of the site, have leaked about 77k user accounts with customers SMS logs and other credentials too.
Hackers says that, the reason for the hack was his protest against USA and Israel. He also left a deface page and a message on hacked site, explained in following words:
Agent Hacker Group! Turkish hackers says: nsa, mola vakti. full download, full users account, + vodafone… to be continued.
On the leaked data, hackers found customer names, emails, addresses, SMS logs, and phone numbers. Other then the user data, the leak contains database, client details, tender details, accounts and financial details, franchise location maps and business markups.

On the above image you can see the screenshot of the sms logs of customer.

At the time of writing, all the hacked domains have been taken down and it is not reachable. But can check the mirror of the here.
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