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New Year's Eve 2013: Google posts an animated doodle

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Google continues with the wishing its users after the Winter's starting day. Google give best wishes for the winter 1st day, by putting awesome doodle on its homepage. Now again Google saying bye to 2013 by posting animated Doodle on its home page.
You all can see this amazing doodle on Google home page. On the doodle you all can see that, Doodle theme is like a party dance floor, where the digits 2-0-1-3 grooving on the dance floor and while the digit 4, signifying the New Year is waiting in the wings. There is two speakers, that showing the music characters and all the numbers (2,0,1,3) are dancing on the colorful disco lighting floor.

By this Google is also, enjoying the New year in a Party mood. That cool and amazing.

We also wish our all readers "A Very Happy New Year" and wish the success to all of them. May this coming year, brings a bright and a happy movement to all of you.

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