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Reliance Offers iPhone 5S And 5C almost For Free

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As I have discussed that, on 1st November Apple's new smartphone will be reached India, so here's the waiting ends and good news to all the Iphone's lover and gadgets lover too.

Today, Apple Iphone 5C and 5S have reached the Indian market, as like a gift on Diwali to all Indian gadgets lover.
I have says that, two Indian carrier Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communication will be sponsoring the both handsets and making them available on the Indian Market. So here is the something big and interesting news to you all.

Reliance is giving you both the Apple Smartphone on the cheap installment and of 2 years contract. Users have to pay monthly Bill between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000. This is not much amount, as if you like to know another great offer given by Reliance.

Offer is that, this installment includes unlimited calls, sms and 3G data plan. This means that, the Plan is itself good, and the users who's monthly bill generate about Rs. 3000 then he or she is getting the phone for free.
The scheme also lowers the price of higher end models with 32 GB model at an upfront fee of Rs. 11000 and around Rs. 20000 for 64 GB model.

So whats for waiting guys, just Grab this offer.
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