How to prevent Data Tracking on Most site you visit

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Recently Google have make changes on its term of services and Privacy policy. This new change on its policy have ruined many of the users, specially privacy advocates. On this one of the new features came is "Shared Endorsement". This allows to share the users information and photos as a advertisement on the Google web property.  On the support page of the endorsement, google claim the features will work same like Facebook Sponsored Stories.
Share Endorsement is using users information and photos in a way that, users are not liking, and many of them to lazy to read there Terms and condition. Now you if you are thinking to off this endorsement, then you will have to search the whole site and have to give number of click at the right option that can make your work.
Here we have collected the some of the major used sites endorsement page, and you can opt it in a single or some of the two clicks only.

1) Google Share Endorsement
To opt out of the advertising portion, scroll down in your Google+ preferences to the Shared Endorsements in Ads section. You will see the sentence "Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads." Make sure the box next to it is left unchecked if you wish to opt out.
Opt out here.

2) Facebook Social Ads
Facebook social ads shows your recent action took over your account, as like liking page, post. You can opt out this by clicking on the Edit button in your Ads settings page, selecting No one and saving your changes.

3) Twitter Ads
Twitter matches your profile information and tweet archive to relevant advertisers. You can opt this by simply from your profile, go to your Security Settings page and uncheck the box under the promoted content section.
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