Google Chrome 31 release with great new updates

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Yesterday, Google have announced new version of its browser, "Google Chrome". Latest version is stable and announcement was for all platform, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Great thing on this new version is, Google have added the web payment features and also fixes 25 security loops on it.
With the Web payment features browser will automatically fill the payment from information that is already saved into the browser. Web developers have been given programmatic access to the browser’s auto-complete information (with the user’s explicit permission) via a new function named requestAutocomplete(). This

Chrome 31 has also arrived for Android platform and will be available on Google play store. This version will help users with the online shopping and also lift the entering information quite somehow.

Additionally, Google team have fixed 25 loops holes. On fixing these security issue and also a new bugs on the Chrome 31, Google spent about $13,000. On which Google rewarded $2000 of additional rewards to miaubiz and Atte Kettunen of OUSPG for working with the company during the development cycle to prevent security bugs from ever reaching the stable channel.

Hence it seems that, Google is highly concentrating on the security factors. Users can updates the new Google chrome, or can download directly from Google/Chrome
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