Syrian Electronic Army hijacks major Qatar websites

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Once again popular hackers group "Syrian Electronic Army" is back on the cyber world. After making the numbers of headlines on online media, Syrian Electronic Army is back with the another big hit to cyber world. After hacking major sites and numbers of Twitter accounts they are back.
This time Pro-hackers group have hacked the Qatar domain registry system ( and changed the DNS records of the major sites. On this hack high profiled sites that were affected are .qa domain of the following sites.
Facebook, Google, Vodafone, Al Jazeera, Qatar Telecom, and Sheikha Mozah.
With this hack government and military organizations sites also got affected. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Qatar government portal, the Emir’s Palace, the Qatar Armed Forces, and the Ministry of Interior.

At the mean time all the sites has been restored and working fine.

As for reason, The Syrian Electronic Army has says that they've targeted Qatar because the country supports the terrorists in Syria.
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