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One of the popular free online tool that provides translations between 75 languages, ( have been hacked and defaced by the pakistan hackers team known as Xploiters Crew.

As I have already says that, pakistan hackers are now active and targeting the high profiled domains. Recently another Pakistan hackers team Madleets have hacked and defaced Google domain of Kenya and Burundi.

On the deface page of, hackers have wrote
“You Have Listen about Us on News ,headlines , Online Media. You Got stampted by Team Xploiters. Translate.Com Owned (sic),”
At the time of writing the post web admin  have removed the deface page,but you can check the mirror of the deface. Currently site is running fine. As per the source, is preparing too launch the new look of the site, hope there new look will get more secure then the current one.
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