Bangladesh hackers declare Cyber War against India

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A group of Bangladesh hacker know as Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers (BBHH) have hacked 60+ websites and declare a cyber war against Indian Government against Indian Border Security Forces (BSF)’s allege brutality.

Hacker made a post on its facebook fanpage stating a press release showing the deface Indian sites,
We are Bangladesh Black HAT Hackers . Finally declare war against indian government. We will massacare Indian cyber space . Our main target is all Indian online basis facility . Our first attack in this session is made and day by day our attack will be harder.
Stop Border killing, Stop Brutality of BSF. Felani means not a dead body , felani means bangladesh.
Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers are responsible for this hacking . We want justice about felani . We want justice about all India-Bangladesh border killing after 1971.
First shot made by our three crew 8l@ck 3xplor3r (Black Explorer) , COD3 BR3AK3R (Code Breaker) , Th33 Rockst3r (Thee Rockstar). Its just starting , more attack coming soon….
 You can check the list of the sites hacked on the Pastebin
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  1. Aarshit Mittal
    Such posts make the cyber war active , GROW UP man