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Bangladesh’s Largest IT University Daffodil Server Hacked

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Two hackers of the popular cyber hackers team from 3xp1r3 Cyber Army, name as  IceCream and ExpirED BraiN , have breached and deface the top Information Technology university site of Bangladesh "Daffodil University". hacking into the university server hackers have managed to root the server and deface about 84 sites on the server, which include all the sub-domains of the Daffodil University, and other important sites of the Bangladesh.

On the deface page hackers left the message to the university team stating that,
U declared me as not a part of "DIU" . I proved u wrong. I am not lacking my talents. Never judge anyone, don't put anyone down. It's my life....i will decide if i wanna be in "DIU" or not
It seems that, hackers have some issue with the university. Hackers claims that, he have accessed the university database but no intention to leak it online as this hack was done to expose security holes.

At the time of writing some of the sites are being restored and some of then are taken down.

You can all see all the hacked sites at here.

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