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Indira Gandhi International Airport Site got Hacked and Defaced

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A Pakistani hacker called “H4$N4!N H4XOR” has breached and defaced the official website of the customs department of India’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (

Hacker have just deface the index page of the site, nothing more affected. There were over 800 websites stored on a server of Indira Gandhi International Airport website. The site of the Tamilnadu State Agricultural Marketing Board is also among the defaced websites.

At the mean time the site is taken down by the site admin. But as per the message on the deface page left by the hackers stats that, he will target the website again if its administrators don’t secure it properly. A mirror of the defacement is available on

It is being expected that this hack was came in response to the defacement of an Islamic site,, by an Indian hacker last week.
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