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Cyber Criminals Are Targeting Indian Users By There Phishing Scams

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There are tonnes of scam that are newly found on daily basis. Mostly screamers target Facebook by the various means of technique, as like phishing, dropping malicious link on users mail, and malicious Facebook apps.
This time cyber criminals have came up with old technique but with a new idea, for getting there victims. Cyber criminals mainly targeting Indian users over the internet by a cleaver phishing technique.
According to Symantec, the Facebook phishing site promises free cell phone airtime. For this victims must “verify” their Facebook accounts by entering their email address and password. Attacker also ask the users to like the pages and subscribe to it.
This phishing page ask the  users to advertises the site on the timelines of 10 friends or on Facebook groups. This trick help the attacker for getting more victims. In the last phase of the phish, victims are instructed to enter their name, email, mobile phone number, operator and cellular zone. More over victims didn't get any kind of amount balance on there cell number.

Importantly If in case you receive the following message from your friends, warn them that they’ve fallen victim to a phishing scam: 
“WOW! It worked. Yippe!! I just got a recharge of Rs500. Just try it out friends. Thanks. I love it.”
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