Watch clean and fast videos on youtube

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Lastly I wrote a post on how to watch YouTube videos in slow internet connection. On that post I have introduce and explain a YouTube feature name a YouTube feather. But now this will be also quite similar post but with a new things.
Yes, I have again came up with the new things to introduces, to watch YouTube videos faster, cleaner, and can spend less time on the video buffering.
You might not like this on your home PC but this will very much effective and will be gently great things for the users who like to watch videos at the office time while taking rest besides its works.
This all can be done by simple by a browser extension name as This is the extension/addons browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Lets see how this works and what happens with this.
Before adding extension we see the usual page as shown below a video with the ads and some related videos at the sidebar.

Now after installing the extension you will see a great change. No ads no related videos. Simply a clean video with the improve in buffering speed..

This acts as a cleaner. Which helps user in a lots of ways.
By this you can see that there is no related videos, no Ads and no comments also.

Hope you like the post. Please take a second and comment here.