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Sends Money from Gmail With Google Wallet

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As we all know that Google is introducing new features to its users, now again Google have introduced a all new great feature name as Google Wallet.
It is similar to its name Wallet. Google have introduce a new feature by which now users can send or receive the money online , and that will be in simple steps.

Google Wallet is the another products by the Google Inc, which lets you to send or receive money online. This features is pre-integrated with Gmail accounts.Till now it not launched to all the users but just to the US gmail users. Google says that by the end of next month it will be available through out the world.
Google takes the users all transaction seriously, and taken the initiative to give 100% secure with  Google Wallet Purchase Protection. All the transaction of the users are monitored 24*7 for  fraudulent or unauthorized activity by Google security team.
If the users found some kind of unauthorized transaction then just report it Google team here with in 180 days. All the Disputes and Unauthorized Charges will be reviewed by the Google Security team.
Thus its seems that users can shop with confidence with Google Wallet. For some instance users will forget Paypal for immediate transaction.

Open your gmail accounts and at the below of attachment there is a new sign added "$", this is the sign of Google wallets. Below there is the video of Google Wallet on the Gmail account that clarify all the things about Google wallet. All the transaction are made securely with your gmail accout.

To get the Google Wallet on your Google account just Signup here and fill all the necessary details.

Google Wallet Video With Gmail

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