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Easy to crack a Strong password

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Now a days digital world is getting more integrating with our daily lives. As we come online and login to our online accounts like as login to social network sites, online banking accounts, and other online accounts we thinks that our password are quite enough safe and we are some how protected from cyber criminals. But this is not a reality  Main thing is that if your password is as long to 16 letters then also your password is not so enough.

A leading technology firm of San Francisco name as "Arstechnica" have conducted a experiment with some hackers to crack the password. On this experiment  hackers were given a list of password which contains 16,449 hash passwords. The main thing is that hackers have cracked 14,800 passwords in less then an hour. Hackers have cracked the 6 letters small passwords along with 16 letters password very easily.

How do they did it !

This may be the first time that scientific method of hacking has been published over the website. post of the arstechnica sites.
How the hackers have cracked these password are posted on the
Hackers have described all the process for cracking the hash password there. For hacking this passwords hackers have made a list of online hash cracking database.

As by the expert, for hashing they took the users plain text password and after passing through a one way mathematical function a series of unique letters has been generated for that plain text password. This series of unique letters are know as hash. There are many kinds of hash. some of the common types are MD5, salt hash, SHA1, MD5 salt..and so on. Here you can get some of the type of hashes. And there are many site where we can crack the hash to a plain text.

Some of the Passwords!

Some of the password that had been cracked by the hackers and which are quite enough called as strong passwords. But now we cant call them as strong as they are.
Some passwords are
k1araj0hns0n, Sh1a-labe0uf, Apr!l221973, Qb3sanc0n321, DG09!1@i01%, love@2oo3%, wind3rmer32o32, tmdmmj17, BrandGeek2o14, Philippians4;13, Philippians4:6-7
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