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1337day Official site hacked and defaced

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Day by day  hackers are targeting the high domain. Yesterday I have posted that a  hacker name as "Godzilla" have the hacked the Popular IT security organisation site "Ec-Council".
Today one more high domain relating to hacking  have got hacked and defaced. A hacker name as "TurkGuvenligi" have hacked the one of the best exploit database site name as "" and defaced its index page.
Hacker have left a message on the deface page stating that
We told you to ban this fake user>>,
is it so diffcult or you are so stupid?
Fuck all exploit kiddies, Fuck all exploit sellers :) 
By the above message it seems that attacker have asked to ban one of the user, but admin of 1337day have refused to do that. It looks that hackers just hacked the site because of that user.

Additionally Hackers left its twitter account "@turkguvenligi" also with gmail id "[email protected]".

Now the site have been brought down but we have managed to get the mirror of the deface
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