India Creating a breed of cyber warriors

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Computer Security is getting one of the most important topic for today's generation. As now without Internet there is nothing possible. As Internet acts as boon and aboon for both aspects. It give place where we get all type knowledge at the one place, and same as it acts as scam also. This can be aboon for every age group people including children, teenagers, adults. 
Cyber bullying is also a one tropic by which people are getting exploited. There are many people having the think of bad activities. They are always targeting the sites of  banks accounts, Social networks etc..

They use numerous method to exploit the users. So we (users) have to be aware of this. Now anyone can learn the spamming stuff as there are many sites that have content like this, for this you have to just Google it up. 
Hence awareness on these thing is one of the most important task for the people by the governments. There are many Institute and the organisation which are doing this kind of work, awaking people about the Cyber bullying. Numerous of the institute are providing Ethical Hacking courses also, so that people can secure themselves from such cyber bullying (hacking stuff) things.

One of the Europe organisation "EC Council" an organization that provides certification for information security professionals,provides the professional certification for Computer and Information security experts.

In India, the Institute of Advance Network Technology (IANT),  have step forward for awaking the citizens of India and also taking initiative to help in preventing cyber attack over India.
IANT chairman, says that, "Academic institutes cannot afford to lay back and wait for the government to do something. Instead, they need to be proactive and take measures to help the nation to produce cyber warriors". 

And hence there is a good news for the people of India that The EC Council and the Institute of Advance Network Technology (IANT) have teamed up in an effort to train 10,000 students and professionals that would become India’s cyber warriors. 

Students from IANT’s over 100 institutes will take part in ethical hacking and secure coding programs offered by the EC Council. Students will be going through an intensive course in Certified ethical hacker (CEH) and EC-Council certified secure programmer (ECSP).

According to the recent data, India needs 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals by 2015 for protection of IT infrastructure in the country. IANT teamed with EC Council helps the students to grow up the knowledge regarding IT fields and giving the chance to come up. 
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