Google Introduce new look to Gmail- Gmail Blue

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Hi Guys, hope every one is celebrating fool day today, as same corporate firm are also celebrating. As like YouTube announce to be shut down after it has been 8 years old.
I have a good news for you all that on the fool day (April 1st), Google have also announced one major changes on its product called "Gmail". As I already mentioned that Google is working on the design of the gmail and have made some changes on its compose mail looks.
This time Google team are going to totally changing  the look of the Gmail. They have given a new color for Gmail i.e color "Blue" and called as "Gmail Blue". This look quite fancy and interesting.
Here all fonts, text, links and whole gmail look Blue in color.
Watch the below video that has been published by the Google team as for the new look of Gmail.

After watching the Video  it has been cleared that How will be the new look of Google gmail. Here all every things turned to Blue. Your Compose button, Bold, Italics, Underline, every thing. And even the color of the text while typing also turned to blue.
This is going to good gift by the Google for its users. 
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