Best 6 Site to share files Online

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Drop box is one of the best option for online files sharing. But on Drop box users can only upload
data up-to 2GB. Best thing with drop box is that users can access drop box from iPhone, iPad, android, blackberry or  with Symbian devices. Usually users get only 2GB of free space but by inviting friends to the drop box users can increase its space by 500 Mb for per invitation.

Sky Drive:- Skydive provides free space of 25 GB to free users. This is
much better then Drop box. User can directly drag and drop files from hard disk to the sky drive. Users can access skydive accounts from,, or There is a option for multiple file sharing. Users can also install the desktop application of sky drive.

Google Drive:- Google drive is one of the best option for file sharing. Google drive is recently
integrated with Gmail, and hence by this users can send big size of files from Gmail. Google drive is pre-installed with Gmail. On Google drive there is the option for multiple email sharing. Initially users gets 5 GB of free space with Google drive accounts.
Site= Mega is not the new site for file sharing. Earlier its name new site Mega, with a great features. Mega provide the service in 2048 bit RSA encryption, which is much effective and secure. Mega give 50Gb of free space for the free subscription. Mega provides the Cloud storage service. Additionally Mega also offers a bug bounty Programs to all the security researcher.
was, but due to some of the government terms this site brings down. After the Down of the megaupload, its owner has back the
Site= Users get 5Gb of free space with fre accounts.
There are desktop and mobile app is also available with its web app. Main features of is that users can edit the word or excel documents online.

Adrive= Adrive provides free space of upto 50 GB to basic plans member for personal use. On android device users can download
files as well upload files at the same time.

These are the 6 sites to share your files online. There are many sites that provides with this kind of services.
Later on Will Discuss more about this. There are some site from which you can generate money for sharing the files. I will write about these on next post.
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