Anonymous may use four attack for OpUSA says expert

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Yesterday,  i have posted that a hacking group affiliated with Anonymous announced a new cyber-attack campaign "Op-USA" against USA. After Op-Israel Anonymous going to target USA. With the huge attack on Israel, Israel still now not cover come with attack.
Now USA cyber security are preparing for the defense of the attack. This campaign is scheduled on 7 May 2013.
Experts from Radware, who are monitoring the hackers activity for the campaign are expecting four types of attack as they mentioned on there blog post. Expert are continuously working to prevent the damage done by the attack.

Attacks expected by the Experts are:-
1) Expert says that firstly, Hackers will exploit the common vulnerabilities to perform website defacement's and leaked the data from the sites.
2) After that they will launch a Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDOS) that saturate the bandwith with this attack. Hackers can use tools like "LOIC and HOIC".
3) Can also launch a "Low and Slow" attack with the tool name as "Slowloris" that consume web server resources.
4) If the group name as Izz ad-Din al-Qassam cyber fighters join the attack campaign, then USA will be attacked from distributed that originating from dedicated attacking servers. This will leads to increase the traffic in the huge ratio and harvesting the power of server based botnets such as Brobot (aka Itsoknoproblembro).
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