First Windows Blue Video Leaked of Fresh Paint

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As I have already posted about the news, Microsoft is now going to introduce a new Windows version i.e. Windows Blue or Windows 9. This something interesting that recently Microsoft launched a new version of Windows i.e. Windows 8, but again they are getting a big thing new to their users.

This time Microsoft is working on a new version of the Fresh Paint app for Windows Blue that could bring several major improvements. So everybody is interested to see the new design, look, and features that Microsoft has added to the paint tools.

This new Fresh Paint app features watercolor support in addition to traditional oil paints, as well as the ability to import a specific image and transpose it to watercolor mode.

Windows Blue is going to be launched in November, but its beta testing version will be introduced in June. This is for the beta test, to know how users get comfortable with this version of Windows and what the users review of this product.

As far as the improvements Windows Blue will be featured with Internet Explorer 11, the next version of Microsoft’s in-house browser. There is also expected to be speed and stability improvements.
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