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Skype Revolution in Syria

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Till now we  have seen revolution on the social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus+ but now people of Syria have got new weapon for their war. They are using "Microsoft Skype" for there war as a  weapon for revolution. This not helping the in their protest but also helping to get connected and communicate with other volunteer of the protest over the world. Increase in the use of Skype, Activist have name Syria war as a "Skype Revolution". Syria is now connecting rebels with each other.

An Open Platform

On November Syria government have banned on the use of Facebook and Twitter. In Syria, Skype is not only becoming ways of communicating via the social network for protest but also helps for the Anti- government Activist, Journalist, and other official workers. A website launched to track the condition of the Syria name as "Syria Deeply". As per the Founder of Syria deeply, "Lara Setrakian" says that  they have also seen use of Skype on Libyan's war. Libya war not for much days. This time Skype is available everywhere on Syria. Skype has become a platform for the protest where they can update status and can do a private chat.

Why only Skype?

  • Skype use Wire Taping Resistant Voice over IP (VOIP) technology.
  • With the help of this technology it is very easy and safe to transmit the message even after the control and censorship of the government.
  • It is very easy to download and install. There is no extra charge for it. 
  • With the help of video based chatting, it is very easy to identify the user on other side.
  • With the user verification it is reliable to share the information.
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