Security agencies alert Android users of fraud Android app

Security agencies alert Android users of fraud Android app, fake android app, fraud android application, malware on android application

Computer and Internet Security agencies identified for Android is a fake application which could endanger the safety of the smart phone. Experts say that the security and privacy of smart phone applications is in under threat. This application illegally enters smartphone and compromises their security by sending SMS to unknown contacts.
India's Premium Super Computer Security Agency,Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) has notified this notorious application and put the name as "Super clean or Droid Cleaner". 

Expert Agency says that, one application that is present for Android market is a fake application that can infect computers connected to smart phones". They warned the user of the Android phones for this fake application that is selling on the Android market as name of "Super clean or Droid cleaner" because this fake software is able to infect personal computers connected to the USB.
As per the CERT-In, after being get installed on the android, it delete all the data of the device and reach to the personal information of the users. This app change the Wi-fi state, SMS manipulations, reading the contact details, uploading the SD card contents and contacting remote servers as seen from the Android Manifest file.
So hence user must scan their device by the malware solution, and do check all the details and keep knowledge about the stuff which they are going to download from Internet.
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