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Intranet Site BRBRAITT Jabalpur of BSNL Hacked

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This evening, once again hackers targeted the India's cyber space. Pakistani hackers are again and again targeting India's cyber space and hacking Indian domains.
Once again BSNL have got hacked by infamous hacker of Pakistan name as Hitcher. Pakistani hacker name as Hitcher have hacked and defaced the Intranet site name as Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Institute of Telecom Training (BRBRAITT), Jabalpur.
BRBRAITT is one of the top institute of the BSNL that gives the training in various fields such as accounting management, latest technology on technology, Computer Networking etc..
Hacker have deface the Index page of the site and also leaked some compromised data such as Full Name, mobile number, email address, course details and other details.
Till now site has not been restored, you can find the hacked link at the below of the post.

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  1. Unknown
    i was restored by Indian ethical hacker..........
  2. Unknown
    Sorry bro it is not.. as you can see the link of the site.