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Hackers protesting Against the Kaspersky

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As one of the antivirus production company "Kaspersky Lab" is being is now a days getting regularly updating themselves apart from there competitor. It have been seems that Kaspersky was is the one of the  company which make antivirus software's.
Kaspersky is continuing blocking the malicious script and coded viruses which were developed by the hackers. Hackers tried of getting ruined by the Kaspersky lab. So they have started the protest against the company. Hackers are making protest at the Mobile world Congress that is going on at Barcelona, Spain.
Through the source it says that the protest is fake and the person behind that hackers are also fake. It seems that by all this just a kaspersky products is getting promoted. Promotion of their products, malware security's and so on.
Kaspersky is soon going to introduce the new anti-virus software of 2013 for mobile.
Here is the video that shows how hackers are protesting against the kaspersky, by holding some banners and holdings.

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