Facebook Birthday- Journey of 9 years

Facebook Birthday- Journey of 9 years, Facebook birthday 2013, facebook 9th birthday, Happy Birthday facebook, facebook completeing nine years

Five Student of Harvard University  Mark Zukerberg,  Eduardo SaverinAndrew McCollum,Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes have made a social network "The Facebook" in the aim to get connected in the virtual world. On 4th February 2004, Mark, founder of Facebook have not thought that this social network will get so much popular in the world that people cant think without it for a single seconds.
Facebook brings the new era in the virtual world of Internet. It help to connect over a world wide through Internet. After the successful of 9 years, today Facebook is celebrating its 9th birthday. Facebook completing its 9 years and this is because of the updating new features apps on that attracts the users.
The main thing on its success is that, it gives what the user were always searching for. Adding up of the new features frequently makes the users to get attract and now it have become like a drugs for the today's guys. There are always new were Introduced on the Facebook and that were like by its users very much.


This is of today's  date as Facebook have
Total Users 1.6 billion
   USA:- 1649,58,520
   Brazil:- 65657800
   India:- 616,99,860

Facts about the Facebook

Lets know some thing about the features that were introduce by the Facebook. This is the main thing that attracts the user most.

  1.  Facebook like was introduce in 2009 and we  have hit that button 1.13 trillion times.
  2.  2.7 Billion likes each day, Facebook processes. 
  3.  300 billion photo uploads. 
  4.  70 billion photos to be uploaded.
  5.  2.5 billion status updates
  6.  There have been 140.3 billion friend connections 
  7.  Facebook now has 600 million mobile users
  8.  157 millions users are daily operate Facebook from mobile device.
  9.  17 billion location tagged post, including check-ins
  10. 62.6 billion songs have been played 22 billion times
  11. Average age of Facebook user is 22 years

Till now hope you got some of the facts about Facebook that were not know by you all.
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