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Why is Bandwidth different from Broadband

Why is Bandwidth different from Broadband, Definition of Broadband, Definition of Bandwidth, Details of Internet service provider, List of Internet service provider in India
Bandwidth and Broadband are terms that are commonly associated with the Internet. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another point in a given time period, usually a seconds. It is usually expressed in bits per seconds, or bps.

Broadband is the name given to any fast, permanent Internet connection. It can be delivered by cable, satellite, mobile, fiber optics and ADSL, which is the technology for high speed Internet access. There are many of  the Internet service provider in India like BSNL, Airtel, Sify etc.. But BSNL is the leading among them. To see all the Internet Service Providers of India see HERE.
BSNL Router

When the Internet revolution began, users accessed the net via dial up and a "modem". Modem is a piece of hardware that converts analog signals to digital signal from your computer, so they can travel down a telephone line, and vice versa. This could be painful slow, and it tied up your phone lines. A broadband connection make Internet more enjoyable as it is much faster. This is because a broadband connection can download more chunks of data " bits" simultaneously.

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