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Twitter Flooded with Armature videos

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Some  users of the twitter are misusing its new application that was recently launched. As we know that Twitter is also a most popular social network site where there are million of users are connected and every there are tonnes of user are get online and tweet there status... But some of the user of twitter are misusing it. Recently Twitter have launched its apps known as "VINE" by which user can upload the short time video and share them with their friends and followers. Some of the twitter user are using it for uploading Armature pornographic videos.   As the report of daily mail, it says that due to less control on the twitter and no one to band this objectionable content on twitter cause the misuse of this application.
As the article on the Tech crunch, it is written that management with the twitter are against the Censorship. They take action when the government laws involve in the case. After this kind of activity and the use of the "Vine" app, it seems that Pron spreading community guys are getting active and they are using the application for their beneficence. This is simply the misuse of this New App called "Vine"   
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