Send message to Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook at $100

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If you want to send a message to the Facebook CEO "Mark Zuckerberg" then you have to make a payment of $100. Facebook is taking $100 (approx- RS 5481) to send the message to the Mark Zuckerberg. This has been implemented because to increase the revenue and also to prevent of spamming on the mail box. As there is the news that it was started from the last December only.
As per this, If a person wants to send the message to the unknown person who is not in his friend list then they can use this service.  With this by the payment of the $1, message will be  sent into the inbox of the receiver. Currently the testing of this service is just going on at America and California. 
As per the repoter of the British News paper "Telegraph" Facebook say's that this testing is doing because to see just a meaningful and useful message is getting in the message inbox. This test includes Zuckerberg also with all the VIP over the world. With this feature VIP get only 1 message over a week.
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