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Microsoft to Turn off Windows Messenger service

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Soon Microsoft is switching off its Windows messenger service soon. Thus users have to turn to Skype. As per the mail send to the users of windows messenger from the Microsoft, it says that Microsoft is closing its messenger service on 15 March 2013.
This news had been announced by the Microsoft in November 2012, to close the service of the messenger at the early of 2013 but they have not mentioned the firm date. At the same time Microsoft have made a alternative way for the messenger users and asked to shift to Skype.

To help people migrate before 15 March, Microsoft has added an upgrade button to its desktop Messenger that when clicked uninstalls Messenger and puts Skype in its place on the new windows 8.
As Microsoft announced this earlier so that user can get fimilar to the options and function with Skype. Until the switch off date messenger service will work same as it works.
Windows Live Messenger Instant service was first launched in 1999 and it was also know as MSN messenger. As per the record it is says that over 30 million people use MSN messenger every month over the world.
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