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Facebook Pro - A security ebook

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This is eBook that has been written by a author of name as Shikhil Sharma. He has some knowledge about the cyber security and love to write blog. He provides many kind of tips and tricks on techno. As he suffering on internet he found many of the people is searching for kinds of tips and tricks for hacking Facebook accounts and some other things.. After thus he made a mind to write a book on this tropic... This name as "Facebook Pro". In this book there are many of the tips and tricks from all over the web has been added.. so that users can get more and more things on a single book.. This is available for free. As per the Writer we have made a talk, his words on this was
"Facebook Pro" is a book which contains Facebook Tips, Tricks & Hacks from all around the web. Reading this will take your Facebook experience a step ahead. Facebook Pro contains various hacking techniques of Facebook, tips and tricks related to Facebook and also the methods by which you can make your Facebook account more secure. Hacking methods used by Hackers like key loggers  phishing, cookie stealing are discussed and tips and tricks like flooding your friends wall/inbox with messages and how to create a wall post by any name are also there.
You can Download this book for free from here...


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