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This is the India's best book on Ethical hacking and cracking, It was launched on 2nd January,2013 and whose writer are India's Security Expert name as "Mr. Prateek Sukla" and "Mr. Navneet Mehra"  Its Publisher is "Unicorn Books"
As per the readers this is awesome book for the security learner on Ethical Hacking. People are liking it much and received tonnes of the feedback from the users.
As per its writer Prateek Sukla and Navneet Mehra, they says that..
Prateek sukla
This book serves as a complete reference for information security including IT security, data security, network security, internet security, penetration testing, cryptography and laws governing the industry The book describes the tools and penetration testing methodologies used by ethical hackers, and provides a discussion of what and who an ethical hacker is and what role he plays in protecting corporate and government data from cyber attacks It also offers an understanding of how to effectively protect data and computer networks Finally, it presents the subject in a simplified manner so that even a beginner dealing in a security environment understands and implements information security at personal and corporate levels.
This book is not so costly and is available for Rs 200.
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