Black Box New version released

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Black Box is the another version of the Linux distribution. It is one of the Powerful Distribution of Linux for the pentester and the security assessment guys. It is totally featured with Network and informatic System Analysis tools. There are tonnes of tools that are used by an Ethical hacker and a Pentester.
Finally Black Box team have announced the new release of Black box, which is featured with Linux 3.2 and kfce 4.8.

New Feature

1) Fixed the several Bugs
2) Improved performance
3) Improved WiFi Drivers
4) Featured with new and more powerful tools as like  Backfuzz, beef,  htexploit, metasploit, sqlmap, websploit, weevely, wpscan, zaproxy, etc.
5) Improved Auditing menu

Download ISO of the new release Black Box
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