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Steps to Secure Girls by Techie

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As we know the headline of the Indian news paper or a news channel have same tropic, i.e the shameless incident of Delhi. This tropic is not in the air of India but also in other countries. Daily there is a kind of protest is going against the rapist. All of them are blaming the Delhi police for their  irresponsible and carelessness. Government of India are taking much strict action regarding this case, and all the girls are asking for the protection for themselves. Government is managing the security for the girls in many ways.
So some of the techie guys are also helping them to be secure and to stop such violence . some of the mobile application developer have developed many apps for girls, focusing in the security of the girls after the Delhi incident.
Some of these apps are available for free on the internet, and for some you have to pay. As these apps are not pre installed in the mobiles phone, so you have choose as per your needs. After the Delhi incident, demand of these apps have been increased.
Some of these apps for your information are...

1) Android Apps :- With the help of this apps,  Android based self defense tutorials and video, users gets tips for the security of themselves. For your information there are 900 videos available for you.

2) Circle of 6:- With the help of this user can send message to the 6 person. This is pre programmed apps, by which your friends get alert message and also with your location details.
Official site:-
Download it from HERE or HERE

Here is the brief tutorial for the use of circle of 6 apps

3) B Safe:- This is GPS based safety alarm. With this users can send message to the pre selected members. Additionally with this apps your friends can trace your location with the help of GPS.
Download it from HERE or HERE
Here is the brief tutorial for the use of  B Safe.

4) Life 360 Family Locator:- This app also work with the GPS tracking technology. With this apps user can send message to the selected numbers as well as can get additional information regarding the tropic.
Official site:-
Download it from HERE or HERE
Here is the brief tutorial for the use of  Life 360 Family Locator.

5) SOS Whistle:- This apps doesn't send any message, rather it produce the big bang sound. If your mobile phone is in silent mode, then also the sound will be produced. For this users have to just tap the screen.
Download it from HERE

6) Fightback:- This provides your location in many ways to your well wishers. As like it sends location through GPS, SMS, Maps, Gprs, Emails, Facebook etc..
Official site:-
Download it from HERE or HERE
To download this app you have to login with your facebook account and choose you handset that will configure in it.

7) True Caller:- This app is developed by the application company of the Sweden. By this app user can trace the caller id with whom user is getting irrate by unknown caller. In the database of this app there are millions of numbers with their full details including all the details of the politician. True caller syn all the details of the user from its database which help to identify the caller details.
Official site:-
Download for all handset from HERE or for Android user HERE
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