Reboot - A hacker based Movie leaked for Free download

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Hey, Guys, this is the Biggest news of the day. A movie name "Reboot" which was launched on 12 December 2012 means this month some days ago been leaked on the Internet. On its official site, is available for $2.99.

Yesterday Night while surfing the internet I found the download link of the movie freely available. This was the movie for which many Internet users and Some hackers are awaiting it. Sorry, I can't publish the download link of the movie as for the privacy policy.
The film was by Joe Kawasaki and Produced by Sidney Sherman. It was a kind of documentary movie. As it relates to the hacker so it is related to all the latest gadgets and technological innovations. Here is the simple Trailer of the Movie which was launched by the company itself. Go through it you will like it.

Screen Shots are Here.

For More info on the film visits here, It's the official site.

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