Change Your External Drives into Wireless

Hi Guys, Some time many of you have faced a problem while sharing your files and data from one computer to other as you need USB cable or a pen drive. As like if you are in home or have a small office and there is only one external hard drives and you cant just use it with all PC as you need cables and have to shift it from computer to computer. And some time you need to share a printer but there is no USB cable available. That's a kinda some kind of problem as people face in their daily routine. But now you can make you external hard disk or a printer as a wireless that can be connected from any computer.

You can connect basic hard drive and printer as wireless, as for this you will need NAS adapter and WiFi router. By NAS which means Network Attached Storage Technology you can access the device wireless in local network. Adoniksn, Sinpalnet and Patriot are companies who makes the  the small adapters for the small business or fr home.

NAS Adapter
There are 3 types of NAS adapters are available in the market.
1) In which there is only one USB port and  can only access only one hard disk at a time.
2) In this there is 2 USB ports, one for hard disk and another for Printers.
3) Have multiple ports and with external hard disk user can access 10-15 pen drives. But on this there is no option for printer.

Firstly you have to connect NAS connector to the WiFi adapter and after that attach the external hard disk with the USB ports. NAS adapters automatically detects the IP address. If you want then you can protect your hard disk with the password also. Additionally you can create a unique user id also for each users. As same as you can also connect your printer with WiFi network.

Official link of NAS [LINK]
Buy From here [LINK]
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