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Warning to mobile user by operators

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As till today all  mobile user have got some kind of information message in their respective mobile inbox that saying
"Dear customer as per Govt regulation, sending commercial / Promotional sms will lead to disconnection of your service if  you are not registered as a Telemaker"
This message is sending by all the operators of the India to their respective user because this is new policy of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRIA). TRIA have issued to the operator to inform their all customer by this message.
There is continuously using the SMS service by the customer and as for the security reasons all the message are getting scanned by the authority. SMS service is easy, fast and cheap way to communicate and to advertise so by this some are using it for wrong purpose. Hence to reduce such kind of Spam govt issued this.

"So it is a warning for the Customer for not to send any king of promotional or scamming kinds of messages, otherwise your connection will be terminated."

Example of such promotional and scamming sms 
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