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How voice mail works? Explained

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There are several features of the mobile phone, which we use constantly. But, how it works, we know it is not. Voice mail is one of them. To send us a message by mobile phone, usually, two to plan. The second is a normal text message and multimedia message.
A third option is to us, which we call voice mail. Through it, we can send a message in your voice.

Now the thing is that how it works voicemail, you may know that this phone signals through the electro-magnetic waves monitors. When we are busy or our phone is turned off, the message is stored in the mailbox. It is exactly the same kind of mailbox electromagnetic wave record, which is sent by another person. The difference in tone and intensity of a person's voice wave is generated, it is also recorded.
It is recorded in the impulse Assielel format, which is in the form of the binary system (0 and 1). Once this process is complete, the phone is able to play the binary data. Such as when a voice message is sent to us, so we can hear it.

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