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Google Official SEO Video Tutorial to learn

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Guys Today I am Going to show you the best things that all webmaster, blog master, and site owner wants to learn and wants to apply their Websites. All these things are SEO, and Search Engine Optimizer. SEO is the main thing that all webmaster wants to learn. The best and top method to get traffic to your site is through SEO. If you do better SEO of your site then it will have the best rank on all the search engines. As I have already described How Google Works [Read here]. The main thing to get traffic on your site is from a Search engine, and for better rank in Search engines you should have better SEO. I will describe in my next post about SEO, as it is a huge topic to cover.
Here I will give you some videos related to the basic tips on SEO and webmaster tools for all bloggers. I hope it will help you to increase the traffic and get better results.
All the below videos are officially by Google to help all bloggers and SEOs lovers.

10 SEO Tips Videos From Google

1) Finding Your Site On Google

Indexing your home page won't get you to traffic to your site. You have to keep posting and updating your blog on daily basis.

2) Create Well and unique content 

You have to keep posting quality content to get the best rank on search engines.

3) Google Webmaster Tool Message Center

 Make use of the Webmaster tool to keep updating Google about your site.

4) Understand Which Search Query is sending you more visitors.

The search term is what the user is typing on the Google search box. These should be checked to know what users are searching for and when your blog is coming to its results.

5) Crawls Errors Google May Find

You should have to check what error Google is getting while crawling your site. This you can do by going to the Webmaster tool account and seeing the Crawling errors. 

6) Engage Your Audience with Social Media

There are many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ also. These can be very much helpful in generating traffic to your site. Through these, you can keep in contact with your audience and get engaged with them.

7) Use Site Maps to Help Google to Get Your Content.

The site is very helpful to Google to index your site contents. There are many ways to generate site maps of the site. later on, I will post that also.

8) How Malicious Party can Spam Your Site.

There are many people who can spam your blog by posting comments that are not related to the content. You have to keep checking the spam should be filtered out.

9) Webspams Contents Violation

Two years ago Google has made changes to its Algorithm name as Panda update and Penguin Update. These effects the low-quality blog that usually use to copy the content from another site.

10) SEO for Start-ups under 10 minutes

In this video, Google Search Quality team member Maile Ohye is personally guiding you on SEO and giving Advice to improve.

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