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Google to Announce Chromebook - Check its Features

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Chromebook Specification
As Microsoft and Apple are planning to launch their new products on the same Google is also launching its new laptop on the market name as "Chrome Book". According to Google, the Chromebook is the cheapest laptop in the market. Google has fixed the price of this laptop worth $ 249, i.e. 13,300 INR approx.

Chromebook is based on the Chrome operating system, which weighs 2.5 pounds and also 0.8 inches thick. Its battery works continuously for six and a half hours. There is no option for the hard drive, so users have to rely on the internet connection. For this, Google has featured Dual WiFi. With the help of this user will always connected to an internet connection.

The new Chromebook will have an 11.6-inch screen and  1366*768 resolution. On this, there will be a Dual processor of Samsung.  For storage 100Gb space has been given on Cloud storage 2. The facility of the storage on the cloud storage will be for 2 Years. For connectivity there is  Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI port, VGA camera, and built Dualband Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n facilities are there.

According to Google, the new laptop is thin and light enough to see, but it has fantastic Performance. The new chrome boot within 10 seconds. On this users can view high-resolution videos also.

Watch Google's official Video of the Google Chrome book
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