What is Google glass

Google Glass is one of its projects of Google. Project Glass is to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD).
The main purpose of Project Glass is to display the information hands-free that would currently be available to most smartphone users. Which allows the interaction with the Internet by natural language voice commands. The function and design of Project Glass are compared to  Steve Mann's Eye, which is also referred to as "Glass".

Google Glass will be running on the operating system known as Google's Andriod.
This is a part of Google xlab of the company, which also introduces the awesome technology known as Self Driving Car
Google Glass

When will Google Glass be released?

It looks as though Project Glass will see a public release in 2014 at the earliest. The latest news is that developers will be able to get hold of 'explorer edition' units at some point in 2013 with a "broad consumer offering" arriving a year later.

To know more about Google Glass see the video.
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