Google 14 Birthday

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Today 27th September, 2012 Google celebrating its 14 birthday. Today worlds most popular search engine had truned to 14 years old. On this day Google presenting Doodle on its Home page. It is having a animated Doodle, showing the cake with a Google written on it with 14 lightning candles. These 14 candles are agganged it as tally marks denoting the number 14.
This is the one of the best doodle of the Google, in a animated format, which is celebrating the company's birthday.
Google celebrating its 14 birthday, means two student from Stanford university, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, got together to form a company. And now this company have given the new face, name to the internet.

As in 2011 Google on its 13th birthday, it had the doodle representiing itself in front of the birthday cake, SEE

So lets celebrate, A Very Happy Birthday to Google for completing its glorious, successful 14 year. 
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