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Galaxy Note 2 Launched

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Samsung Electronics launched 'Galaxy Note 2 " in response to the Apple's new 'iPhone 5' on Wednesday.
'Galaxy Note 2', typical of the big screen, multitasking, advanced operating systems and high quality hardware.

It features, having a 5.5-inch Galaxy's' HD Super AMOLED "screen which is large compared to other smart phones. The new version of the operating system, Android 0.1 Jelly Bean '4' has been used. The 1.6 GHz quad - core processor and HSPA plus 'or '4 G LTE' is Connectivity.

Company have also offered for Pre-booking of Galaxy Note 2.

As per the news from the agency Sinhua, last month company have launched the combination of Smart phone and Tablet known as Fablet "Galaxy Note 2" in the IFR business on Berlin. Which was introduced on Seoul Headquartered for first time sell.

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